My Story

As a former National Team athlete for Canada I dedicated 17 years to the sport of springboard & platform diving, leaving me with a deep understanding of the highs and lows of competitive sport. After retiring, I continued to give back through coaching, judging, volunteering and organizing grassroots marketing programs while raising my two children. Through coaching and mentoring athletes as well as working with my own life coach, I saw the need to help others who struggled with confidence, team dynamics, athletic identity and the transition out of sport. This inspired me to complete my formal leadership training to become a performance and transition coach for athletes. With more than 40 combined years as an athlete, coach, business woman, and seeker of personal growth, my passion is working with athletes in honest coaching sessions, while supporting them to overcome their obstacles and move towards their goals.


Megan has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia and completed her leadership coach training with the Doer Institute for New Leaders and the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. She is a certified EQ-i 2.0/EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence coach and a Member of the ICF (International Coach Federation). She sits on the Irene MacDonald Scholarship Selection Committee and continues to coach diving in the SF Bay Area. She is married to her college sweetheart, and together they are raising 2 student-athletes. When she’s not coaching, she spends her spare time practicing yoga, playing pickleball, and hiking with her silver lab Piper.


Prior to receiving professional coaching, I would seek advice from my professional mentor (my boss) or my husband. Sometimes they would be able to help, but other times I just felt like I was venting without feeling equipped to resolve the issue. When I first heard about coaching, I was concerned it would be like counseling. It was not. I quickly felt the impact of working with a coach. I appreciated Megan’s attentiveness, and her ability to summarize what I had said in a way that produced an actionable response and she gave me practical tools to use on the job. I would recommend Megan to anyone struggling with organizing their thoughts around an issue because she can help pinpoint areas to work on together and will help guide you to make improvements.



Coach Megan was my saving grace during a time of struggle. My self-doubt consumed me, and fear overshadowed my love for my sport. I felt inadequate and isolated. But Megan showed me that improvement was within reach—I just needed the right mindset and motivation. She provided a safe space for me to express my concerns and offered various options to explore, helping me create a personalized plan. Before Megan, I was plagued by self-negativity, making it difficult to engage in practice. Almost ready to give up, I turned to coaching out of concern from my team and coaches. Megan attentively listened to my experiences, including the mental health challenges I faced. She not only understood but actively supported me, dedicating time to get to know me and identify areas for growth. Through her guidance, my mindset shifted, and my confidence soared. It’s been a journey of ups and downs, but I am immensely grateful to Megan for her invaluable help and support during this challenging period in my life.


D1 volleyball player

Before working with coach Megan, I didn’t have a plan for how I would handle my performance anxiety and I lacked confidence while playing in games. Now I have different strategies I can use depending on how I am feeling in various situations. Megan is a great sounding board and she helped me come up with effective strategies for how to attack my mental game.


Davidson College baseball player

I used to be an anxious player and did not fully trust myself or my abilities. My biggest issues were staying level headed as I did not feel in control of my emotions when I was at bat. My coaches would talk to me but nothing improved. After working with Megan, that all changed. The most valuable tools I gained were breathing, goal setting and journaling. I learned how to be present in the moment and my confidence increased because I now believe in myself. Megan is a great resource and will give you lots of tools to achieve the best version of yourself on and off the field.


D1 college baseball player

I have been keeping up with my homework and I have had a complete 180 change in my mood and emotion control, even on the days where I am not feeling my best. I pitched very well in a simulated bullpen the other day and I can attribute it to my positive thinking and practice.


Junior college baseball player

I really focused on my breathing/release techniques and visualization at practice today and I felt much more in control when throwing. I can already tell that this will be very beneficial to me.


Junior college baseball pitcher

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for your coaching help this past year. I’ve been hired into the position that I wanted and the time we spent discussing my goals and how to reach them was incredibly helpful. Working on my breathing when I’m feeling nervous or anxious is something I took away from our meetings and has been a huge help in making sure I can handle tough situations calmly. Also, remembering my “why” has taken away many of the nerves that come up when I need to speak up with certain colleagues and provides a sense of purpose and confidence.


Assistant Athletic Director

I wanted to say thank you for all the sessions, time spent, and tools you have given me to succeed with the mental game.  I do think you have a special gift for manifesting coaches to reach out to athletes who need to be recruited, so thank you. I very much appreciate the positive, kind, and encouraging words you gave me in these last few months, it means so much more than you might think.


Junior college baseball pitcher

Before working with Megan, I lacked confidence in my abilities, was overly critical of myself, and would feel nervous and anxious during games. But after 4 sessions, I have become a lot more confident and have learned strategies for how to manage my anxiety and I now have fun while playing. Coach Megan was easy to talk to and really encouraging. I felt that she wanted the best for me and the tools she gave me for managing my mindset have been invaluable.


Cal Poly Humboldt varsity softball player
Before working with Megan, I had little to no confidence in my mental approach to pitching, and there would be a 50% chance that my mental game would be strong. Now I can rely on my mindset staying solid when I pitch thanks to her. Through a number of techniques she taught me including visualization, breathing, reset routines, etc., I learned that I have control over my mental game. She helped me develop plans to overcome the mental obstacles I was facing and I’ve already seen many positive results. I now feel much more confident in my abilities on the mound. Megan was really easy to talk with and very kind. She even took notes throughout the sessions so that I could always go back and not have to worry about remembering everything we discussed. Overall, it was a great and helpful experience and I would definitely recommend Megan to my teammates.


Junior college baseball pitcher

Megan is a positive, upbeat coach who is experienced with supporting people to identify and overcome the perceived obstacles between where they are and where they want to be in their work and in their lives.

- Deb

Small business owner

Megan is an action-oriented coach ready to help her clients get crystal clear on the larger goal and then helps break it into small, tangible steps to ensure they get it accomplished.

- Jen

Small business owner

I worked with Megan over the course of a few months in a six session package. The consecutive sessions allowed for meaningful changes in the areas I asked to be coached on. Megan’s coaching supported me in re-establishing practices as I was in a transition point in my life. Her coaching style is engaged, knowledgeable, friendly and effective. I strongly recommend working with Megan.

- Stacia

career transition client

Prior to working with Megan, I felt quite overwhelmed with both school and sports. I procrastinated and didn’t have very good time management habits, so I often felt stressed and anxious. Working with Megan was very helpful – I really enjoyed talking through ways to keep myself focused and used her tools to lower my stress levels. Megan helped keep me on-track and accountable. I really appreciated conversing with her and finding my own solutions to my problems as opposed to just getting all the answers. Something that changed after working with her was a reduction in my anxiety and a more focused mindset towards school and sports. Megan is a very welcoming resource and will help you overcome obstacles using realistic solutions you are comfortable with.

- Lexie

varsity softball player

Before I started working with Megan, I had just learned that I was not able to play soccer anymore due to a career ending injury, and I was in some denial about that. I was sad and confused about my future, as being a soccer player was my identity and how I spent a large part of my time. Coach Megan helped me overcome many mental barriers with my injuries and she especially helped me manage my frustration and confusion as I searched for answers during this transition. She provided a safe space to talk openly about my feelings without any judgement or prejudice and she empowered me to have agency in my life. I encourage other athletes to try coaching – even if you are unsure if it is what you need or if it is something that can help you, give it a try!

- Colette

high school varsity soccer player

Megan was easy to connect with right away. She understood the challenges I was facing and inspired me to come up with several tools and practices that I have built into my daily routine which I have found to be really helpful. I saw immediate progress in just a few sessions and would recommend her to all athletes who are learning how to perform under pressure and want to find gratitude and joy while simultaneously managing stress from school and sports.

- Chris

high school athlete

I’ve known Megan for almost a decade and reached out to her when my daughter was struggling with a mental block at practice. As a mom and a former world-class athlete, Megan truly understands the pressure being put on teenage athletes today who not only participate in highly competitive sports, but are expected to excel academically with rigorous school course loads. Her sessions with my daughter were all 100% confidential and my daughter really trusted Megan throughout the process. Megan helped my daughter work through the mental block that was holding her back at practice and helped her focus on balancing her priorities for sports and school. My daughter was able to push through the block and overcome the pressure of competing at a national level while simultaneously wrapping up finals and AP exams for school. She ultimately had a great competition season and performed outstandingly well on her finals and AP exams. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Megan again to help my kids through any sports/school related challenges they are having.

- Laura

Mom of recruited D1 athlete